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We design and manufacture custom GEARBOXES adapting to any application or technical requirement. Increase torque, decrease or increase speed, reverse or change the direction of the driveshaft … The gearbox is a critical component in most transmission systems, and our knowledge as specialized professionals in industrial gearboxes spans more than two decades of activity on four continents serving a wide variety of industries. ABS also offers a highly qualified after-sales service for Gearboxes through our global network of workshops equipped with test benches.


Bevel Helical Gearboxes

ABS designs and supplies BEVEL HELICAL GEARBOXES of different sizes, with the possibility of customizing…

Planetary Gearboxes

A PLANETARY GEARBOX is used to transfer the highest torque in the most compacted form.…


Custom designed GEARMOTORS supplied by ABS incorporate the latest advances including the use of special…