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Through ABS WIND, we offer the services you need for the WIND INDUSTRY: repair and refurbishment, component supply, and operation & maintenance. Our Wind Workshops have highly qualified professionals with the necessary equipment to support the highest demands of the main turbine manufacturers.

ABS WInd Global brochure
ABS WInd Global brochure
ABS Wind Brasil's brochure
ABS Wind Brasil's brochure

Value proposal for the Wind Industry

AABS Wind value proposal

ABS WIND world presence

We continue to expand our Wind services and repair centers in emerging wind power markets


Years supporting the Wind Industry


Engineers and Qualified Technicians dedicated to Gearbox Maintenance


Gearbox Units repaired

Memberships and Certifications


  • Gearbox disassembly, inspection and report.
  • Full-Service repair and upgrade in workshop.
  • Multi-technology and multi-power repair capacity.
  • Full and partial load test bench.
  • Endoscopy and vibration analysis in shop.
  • Full Main Shaft repair services.
  • Root Cause Analysis and retrofit.
  • Large storage facilities including maintenance service.
  • Small and medium components repairs (Yaw & Pitch reducer, Hydraulic cylinder, brake systems).
  • With our in-house reverse engineering and manufacturing capabilities we also offer application alternatives to current or discontinued components on the market.



Repair Capabilities

Meet our Workshops

ABS WIND Workshop Big Spring, Texas, USA

The exclusive workshop partner for the repair of gearboxes and components for ZF Wind Power in U.S. Read more

ZF Wind Power logo

We offer affordable, high-quality repair services for the wind turbine fleet in the US.

ABS Wind and ZF Wind Power have formed a strategic partnership. This cooperation designates ABS Wind as the authorized and exclusive partner for the workshop repair of gearboxes and components for ZF Wind Power in America.

Testing Capabilities

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Sound Analysis
  • Oil Cleaanliness Analysis
  • Temperature Analysis
  • Oil Pressure Analysis
  • Complete Test Report 

ABS WIND BRASIL Workshop Natal, Brazil

The test bench, located in our Macaiba-RN facilities and with the capacity to run tests of up to 2.6 MW, is the largest in LATAM, dedicated exclusively to the wind industry.

Vestas and ZF Wind Power have entered into a partnership with ABS Wind for the maintenance of components produced by ZF Wind Power in Brazilian territory. Read more

ZF Wind Power logo

Test Rig Specifications

Total Weight
Max Nominal Power (kW)
Max Torque
Max Speed
100 Ton
2,520 kW @ 1,492 rpm
16,130 Nm
2,000 rpm
Repair Center for Main and Small Components in the Wind Industry

The 2.6 MW Test Rig will cover approximately 90% of the gearboxes installed in Brazil with all test parameters already installed in its software, also considering all accessories, fixtures, and tooling necessary for each individual assembly.

ZF Wind power Top managment with ABS Wind team in Natal Brazil

ABS WIND MÉXICO Workshop Puebla, México

ABS Wind has the only gearbox test bench in Central America at its facilities in Puebla, Mexico.

Testing Cap

Vibration Analysis
Sound Analysis
Oil Cleanliness Analysis
Temperature Analysis
Oil Pressure Analysis
Complete Test Report

Test Rig Specifications

Max Nominal Power (kW)Control System
2 Gearboxes Back-to-Back
850 kW @ 1830 rpm
ABB Control Panel

ABS WIND MÉXICO Workshop Oaxaca, México

ABS Oaxaca’s Workshop is located within the windfarm area and give a short-term solution to our clients

Workshop capabilities
Main shafts repair services
YAW and pitch Gearmotors repair,
Hydraulic Cylinders testing and repair services.
Brakes Systems testing and repair services.
Yaw and pitch bearing inspections and repair services.
Exchange Program for selected small components to reduce the downtime of Turbines.

ABS WIND COSTA RICA Workshop Cartago, CR

Workshop capabilities to repair Wind Gearboxes and Small Components, including the Spin Test and Vibration, Noise, Temperature and Oil Pressure

ABS WIND spare parts capabilities and manufacturing for wind turbines

Drive train major components

Main shaft assembly

ABS has the capability to manufacture and supply main shaft assemblies and components for multi…


Our wind GENERATORS guarantee maximum energy efficiency to achieve full system availability on a continuous…

Hydraulic components

ABS Wind supplies hydraulic systems for wind turbine manufacturers. Our team of engineers specialized in the wind industry designs and manufactures hydraulic solutions for yaw brake, pitch control, rotor brake as well as supply hydraulic connectors, with the aim of improving performance and making wind turbine maintenance easier and safer.

Filtration manifolds

Considering that hydraulic systems are used to control yaw, pitch and braking, it is important…


The ACCUMULATORS for wind turbines are used, together with the hydraulic power units to control…

Heat Exchangers

The HEAT EXCHANGERS serves to dissipate the heat generated by the generator and the electronic…

Yaw Brakes

YAW BRAKES are key to the correct operation and safety of wind turbines, offering additional…

Rotor Brakes

A ROTOR BRAKE for wind turbines is a hydraulic brake that generates braking force through…

Pitch cylinders

The PITCH CYLINDERS supplied by ABS have everything you could ask from a cylinder for…

ABS’s Wind Customers