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The PITCH CYLINDERS supplied by ABS have everything you could ask from a cylinder for optimum performance in wind turbine blade adjustment. Our pitch cylinders are custom designed for use in multiple applications and are compatible with the hydraulic systems of the turbines designed by the main manufacturers. In addition, the high quality of the materials and components for their manufacture and the different alternatives we offer for coatings and paints for the piston rods, guarantee stability, resistance, and high protection against corrosion.

Features and benefits

  • Designed for a long service life (20 years and more).
  • Easy maintenance
  • Components verification by FEM-analysis and testings
  • Scratch and dent-proof manufacturing materials (hardened and chrome-plated steel) prevent any damage to the piston rod seal
  • Various sensor technologies
  • High quality thread machining to avoid breakage
  • Low friction sealing systems and surfaces.
  • Compatibility and certification