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ABS designs and manufactures custom Gearboxes for the wind industry. Gearboxes are used in a wind turbine to increase the rotational speed from a low speed rotor to a higher speed electric generator. We are aware that their design is a real challenge in which the first thing to consider is the load and environmental conditions they will have to withstand (wind turbine drivestrains are subjected to heavy transient loads during start-ups, shutdowns, emergency shutdowns and during grid connections).

Features and Benefits

However, in recent years the wind industry has been evolving at full speed and has required that, in addition to guaranteeing optimal operation, the new generation wind gearboxes incorporate improvements that increase their performance and optimize their maintenance.

Custom gearboxes designed and manufactured by ABS are ready to cope with the most demanding production conditions and can be upgraded with a wide variety of improvements and upgrades like…

  • Remote monitoring and control: improvements are incorporated in their predictive maintenance so that the turbine operator knows at what stage of the product’s life cycle it is and can optimize its useful life according to his needs.
  • Increased power density and design optimization: to achieve this, our customized designs are adapted to the latest market standards by reducing the weight of the gearboxes and establishing a balanced distribution of their components. This allows us to benefit from a higher gearbox load capacity and increased torque density.